The importance of the VPN

In a era of tight government surveillance and censorship the VPN is gaining even more importance

The importance of the VPN

A device that is connected to the internet (for example, your computer, router, in fact) has a unique address, an ip address. This ip address is similar to your home address, a unique description of the location of your home, making others to find. This ip address do you need because otherwise you do not use the Internet, other computers know otherwise not where they the (requested by you, such as a youtube video) back.

The disadvantage of having a unique ip address is that everything you do on the internet (websites visitors, videos, email, download, etc) very simple to lead back is to you (your computer). This is of course a large infringement on your privacy. With a VPN is all your internet traffic through a (chosen by you) conducts server making it for the rest of the internet seems to be that the ip address (and location) of that server are ip address and location.

Safe (public) networks

With the increase in the use of mobile devices with internet (latop, tablet, smartphone) is much more outdoor work or home geinternet. More and more airports, cafés hotels offer (often free) access to their network with internet access. Great useful of course, free and often fast internet but unfortunately there are drawbacks to.

The disadvantage of using these public networks is the high risk that you run. Simpelgezegd can be any person in this network very simple all your internet traffic, reading and even customize. This allows your bank account be looted, your email address/facebook etc you hacked and data stolen. Important to realize is the fact that this is not a theoretical danger, but a method that increasingly criminals really apply.

A VPN encrypted at your computer all your internet traffic, whereby another it doesn’t matter can read and can not manipulate it.

Netflix, HULU, VEVO, BBC iPlayer watching anywhere

Many well known online video services are segmental. This means that they can be viewed not from a country other than where they have contracts with the film industry. Examples include Netflix, HULU, VEVO and BBC iPlayer. If you are in the USA is you can (often free) use these services, but you live not in America then it should not. For this you can use a VPN to get around location-based resctricties. You connect to a server in the land of the streaming service (eg America). From then all your internet traffic through this server organizes and does the video service so that you are in that country and you can make use of these services.

Censorship and surveillance

There are many countries that apply internet censorship and virtually every Government monitors and logs the internet use of the inhabitants of his own (or someone else’s!). Of censorship I have little good words about, for the monitoring of internet traffic is to a certain extent also good things to say about it. Unfortunately (see also the 100-and data that Snowden has released) the surveillance not only (or perhaps “especially”) used to be for which Governments claiming to do (fight against terrorism and State security). All in all enough reason to bypass any censorship and surveillance from political Government. A VPN can be used perfectly. Your data is heavily encrypted and your location is changed. This makes your internet use difficult to control and you can escape to imposed censorship.

Buy followers for your Instagram accounts

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Buy followers for your Instagram accounts

Never lack the person who upload picture of food even in the bathroom, thinking that the creators of Instagram users provide functionality to forget the stories of a person. This it can do putting your finger up the bubble and before open the history you will be shown the option “disable stories” to the give click in that option is sent until the end all the publications of that person.

To activate this feature you have that enter a part of your profile settings and give account there click “save original photos” would be you the active and ready no longer have to save them manually.

It is difficult to qualify the situation lived by Sonia, famous in Instagram videos that demonstrates that healthy living and be the mother of two sons is not competitive at all. Sonia, that is characterized by train to outdoor and record part of their exercises, had that support that a man naked from waist for down is touched to the pass by its side.

In the video, that not are shows by it explicit of its content, is sees as this blogger is begins to prepare the routine when the man with the Member erect is plays indisimuladamente the penis.

Away from follow your road and end there with a chapter unpleasant, the man is returns several times towards where is Sonia, perhaps hoping that this also is of it turned. To the give is has of that not was to have a response from the woman, he is about to ask him by the address of a beach.

To the go is definitely, the man, tireless, buy followers on instagram back to looking towards Sonia. These facts constitute an alleged harassment towards a woman who only wanted to train quietly in a place open to full light of day.

Instagram erased the video of the account of Sonia who has many followers in this social network. But a friend managed to share it to denounce a situation that is, at least, outrageous.

The actress Shannen Doherty fighting for years against breast cancer. At all times the protagonist of ‘Charmed’ has proved optimistic with the battle that pound this hard disease, even though he had problems with his health insurance coverage has never thrown towel. Doherty is all a fighter. The actress continues in its battle to beat the cancer and, for this, has decided support fully to the research against this disease.

Although Shannen is has away of them cameras a time for cure is surrounded of their beings dear, not has disappeared by full, the actress whenever can shares images of his battle and shows the evolution physical. But on this occasion, not wanted to lose is the Walt Disney Concert Hall in the Music Center of them angels and reappeared very smiling in the carpet red. The actress went to the event hours after a session of chemotherapy to thank all the support received and to collaborate with the Stand Up to Cancer, a find solidarity with which is raises money for the research. «Thanks to the incredible volunteers and the team that made this event possible. Thanks to all in @SU2C who are so dedicated to trying to find a cure and give people with cancer the best alternatives”, thanked.

The protagonist of feeling of living was accompanied by her husband, Kurt Iswarienko and her oncologist, Lawrence Piro. “They have given me an opportunity to really interesting and that somehow I feel blessed,” he confessed to Enterteinment Tonight. «Cancer, somehow, has accomplished incredible things in me. It has allowed me to be more myself and has put me in touch with what I am, much more vulnerable and the person that I always was, but I think I was hidden behind a lot of things» buy followers for your instagram account.

Dobar web dizajn zasto ga ima tako malo?

Dobar web dizajn zasto ga ima tako malo?

web dizajn

Većina malih vlasnika web stranice oslanjaju gotovo isključivo na sebe ili svoje web developer stvoriti dobar web dizajn, bez njih zapravo zna što dobar web dizajn. Na osnovu mog 8 godina iskustva u web dizajnu i optimizaciji za posjetitelje i tražilice, mogu reći s dobrom dozom sigurnosti, mnoge web programeri ne znaju što dobar web dizajn je bilo.

Moji pogledi su na temelju detaljnijeg vrednovanja stotine web stranica koje su u mnogim slučajevima izgledaju dobro na površini i za poneko nestručno oko, ali kada je ocijenjena u većoj mjeri, ili su prosječno loše dizajnirane web stranice, loše web stranice, ili jednostavno sisanje.

Uostalom, svatko može nazvati sebe website dizajner nakon samo stvaranju jedne stranice, bilo sami ili za prijatelja ili rođaka. Većina web dizajneri su samouki i nemaju kvalifikacije bilo koje vrste koje se odnose na posao. Ne kažem da ima išta loše biti samouk, ali puno ovisi o tome gdje i od koga učiti i što duljinu naukovanja li služiti u web dizajnu. izlog web stranice tipično za mnoge izlog mjesta za dobre web dizajna je definirano što kvaliteta dizajna je da ih (prema izjavi na njihovim stranicama):

Kvaliteta web dizajn = Visual + tehnički + kreativnost.

Problem s definicijom kao što je to da se fokusira na kreativan i vizualnih aspekata dizajna koji je zapravo samo zanimaju druge web dizajnera teže stvoriti nešto što pomiče granice još dalje u istom smjeru. Također je u potpunosti zanemaruje da li je web stranica je prikladan za svrhe za koje je trebao biti namijenjen. Većina web stranice ne moraju biti prelijepa da služe svrsi i oni ne moraju biti “tehnički” bilo.

Mnoge web programeri misle da moraju biti “kreativni” i krenuo u dizajn web stranice nikada nije vidio prije, ili onaj koji se ponaša na posve nov i originalan način. To često dovodi do pretjerano grafički, a ponekad i tehnički složene web dizajn s nekonvencionalan izgled i navigaciju, koji zapravo stvara više problema nego što ih rješava.

Sve ove “kvalitetne web dizajn” značajke mogu impresionirati drugu dizajner, ali je uglavnom osvaja bez nagrade ili usluga iz javnih posjetitelja web stranice, koji uglavnom ne dolaze na web stranicu da se dive dizajn. Mnoge web programeri činiti namjeru ponovno izumiti kotač umjesto promatranja utvrđene dizajn konvencija da posjetitelji web stranice su upoznati s. Također se čini da su zaboravili osnovna K.I.S.S. Pravilo dizajna koji je Keep It Simple Stupid.

Dakle, nakon što je rekao kvalitetu ili dobar web dizajn se ne radi o Visual, tehnička ili kreativnosti samo što bi to moglo biti?

Dobar web dizajn = zadovoljavajući posjetitelji

Postoje dvije različite skupine posjetitelja na web stranicu koja je dobar web dizajn treba zadovoljiti i oni su ljudi i tražilicama. Neke web dizajneri će tvrditi da je dizajniranje web stranica za tražilice nije potrebno, ili gubljenje vremena. Iako sam radije za dizajn web stranice s tražilice na umu, ja nemam problem ako druge web dizajnera ne, pod uvjetom da imate alternativni plan.

Ako web dizajner ne dizajn za tražilice, onda oni moraju imati alternativni plan da se promet na web stranici, a oni bi trebali objasniti ovaj plan za vlasnika stranice. Nema smisla u projektiranju najveći website ikada, ako ne postoje sredstva za privlačenje posjetitelja na site.

Dobar web dizajn također treba zadovoljiti ljude koji posjećuju stranice. Ako web dizajner kreira web stranicu koja privlači posjetitelje kroz tražilice optimizacija (SEO) ili na druge načine, to će se izgubiti ako se stranica ne zadovoljava dovoljno tih posjetitelja kad stignu.

Ispunjavanjem posjetitelja, mislim posjetiteljima pružaju informacija, proizvoda ili usluga koje su došli na web stranicu u potrazi za i to na način koji je zadovoljavajući za posjetitelje. Ako je web stranica namijenjena za prodaju proizvoda i / ili usluge dizajn također treba biti dizajniran za pretvoriti dovoljno posjetitelja u prodaju ili vodi zadovoljiti vlasnik web-mjesta.

Ako to ne učinite sve to onda to nije dobro web dizajn!

Prilikom odlučivanja što je ili nije dobar web dizajn, koristim dva provjeru. Jedan popis je za procjenu web-stranicu, a drugi popis je za procjenu cijele web stranice. Web stranica procjena Kontrolni popis istražuje više od 150 aspekte dobrog dizajna stranice i web stranice kontrolni popis istražuje više od 120 aspekte dobrog web dizajna.

Mehr follower auf instagram

Wege, um mehr Follower für Ihren Instagram-account

Mehr follower auf instagram

Instagram Follower und Engagement ist sprunghaft angestiegen bei Marken und Prominenten im vergangenen Jahr laut einer Studie von Arche Investment Management, illustriert, dass die Foto-sharing social Platform “scheint seine Position als die ideale Plattform für die Premium-Markenwerbung Zementierung werden.”

“Im Mai 2015 ARK hat seine erste Erhebung über User-Engagement mit den drei größten sozialen Plattformen: Facebook, Twitter und Instagram. Wir fanden, dass, während Facebook in absoluter Reichweite dominiert und Twitter im Besitz Nachrichten in Echtzeit, Instagram war die Go-to-Destination für versierte Marken und Prominente, immer”nach James Wang, Analyst bei der Arche Next Generation Internet Team. “Im Juni 2016, haben wir die gleiche Umfrage wiederholt. “Während wir ähnliche Trends erwartet, waren wir überrascht, wie viel Instagram Anhänger und Engagement bei Marken und Prominenten in die Höhe geschossen haben.”

Instagram, Facebook und Twitter zu überholen begann in diesen Bereichen im zweiten Quartal des Jahres 2015 (Instagram auch übertroffen Twitter in Bezug auf monatlich aktive Nutzer im Jahr 2015 als auch). Nike sah einen großen Sprung in net Instagram Anhänger im vergangenen Jahr von fast 30 Millionen springen; H & M saldiert ca mehr follower auf instagram. 7 Millionen neue Instagram Anhänger auch im vergangenen Jahr.

Die social-Media-Götter beschlossen, uns alle auf 2. August, segnen wenn Instagram begann seine neue Funktion, Instagram Geschichten ausrollen. Das Update erlaubt Ihnen, Inhalte in einem Snapchat-Esque-Diashow-Format zu veröffentlichen, so dass Sie schließlich alle diese kleinen Momente von Ihrem Tag teilen können, die möglicherweise nicht die perfekte Passform für Ihr sorgfältig kuratierte Instagram-Profil.

Da Sie nun mehr intime Einblicke in Ihr Leben als Ihre perfekt inszeniert Profil Beiträge freigeben, können Sie finden, dass Sie ein paar Anhänger haben, die Sie lieber nicht Ihre Instagram Story mit teilen würde. Beispielsweise ist mein Zunder auf meinem Instagram verknüpft, so dass ich ein paar folgt von Leuten gewonnen haben, die über mein Profil beim Wischen nach links und rechts kam. Ich habe eine öffentliche Instagram, so dass es nicht mich Bug, dass diese Menschen, die mir folgen. Aber möchte ich Menschen, die ich geklaut haben einen genaueren Blick auf mein tägliches Leben als der bearbeitete Inhalt auf meinem Instagram hinterlassen? Nicht wirklich. Zum Glück, das Feature erlaubt Ihnen auch, Ihre Instagram Story von verstecken wer auch immer Sie wollen.

Wenn Sie bereit immer sind zu starten mit dem neuen Feature und Sie haben einige Anhänger, die Sie von Ihrer Insta-Erzählung ausgeschlossen werden wollen, dann ist hier alles, was Sie wissen über jemanden aus Ihrem Instagram-Story versteckt müssen.

Um jemanden aus Ihrem Instagram-Story zu verbergen, gehe zu deinem Profil und tippen Sie auf die Schaltfläche “Optionen” in der oberen rechten Ecke. Tippen Sie auf der Seite “Optionen” auf Geschichte Einstellungen unter Konto und tippen Sie dann auf Hide My Story aus. Von dort können Sie auswählen, die Menschen Ihre Geschichte von ausblenden möchten. Tippen Sie auf fertig, um die Entscheidung zu finalisieren. Sie können auch Ihre Geschichte von jemandem einblenden, indem Sie auf das grüne Häkchen, um sie zu deaktivieren.

Es gibt auch eine Möglichkeit, Ihre Geschichte von jemandem zu verstecken, wenn Sie suchen an, likes kaufen die Ihre Geschichte gesehen hat. Wenn Sie bemerken, dass jemand deine Geschichte angeschaut und Sie entscheiden, Sie würden es lieber von ihnen verbergen.